The poets workbench
     Hold information on poetry groups  
     Numerous reports availabe to view and print  
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online and offline help

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SecretaryBird installs with the offline help. This can be directly accessed from the application’s switchboard and there are context sensitive help buttons on every form. Help is organised into subject chapters and presented as webpages that are: indexed, keyword searchable, and have embedded hyperlinks. The webpages also include several Youtube video links. The online Help Welcome page can be accessed by clicking on the image left. If you can’t find what you need in the offline help you should try the online help; this will be the most up to date. You can access an individual help chapter directly by clicking on the following links:

We are always striving to improve our help documentation. As of version 1.1.1 all the Help pictures have been changed to use a .png format so as to be compatible with UNIX systems. Please contact us if you have any feedback, comments or criticisms.